What is Dividend Investing? ››

What is Dividend InvestingThere are different ways to invest, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, certificates of deposit and numerous other investment vehicles. Even if you decide to invest in stocks, you’ll still have to choose between different types of stock profiles, including

Why Investors Should Consider Muni Bonds Now ››

Why Investors Should Consider Muni Bonds NowThe past year has been a nerve-wracking one for many investors. The major stock market indices have been relatively flat, but there have been lots of volatility in the shorter term movements. And it seems like there’s always a threat of some

How to Choose a Discount Broker? ››

How to Choose a Discount BrokerIf you plan to do any serious investing, you’ll need to go through a broker. Full service brokers offer a variety of financial products, do extensive research for their clients and provide individualized investment advice, but all this service comes at a

Should You Be Buying TIPS Now? ››

Should You Be Buying TIPS NowOne of the most basic tenets of investing is that U.S. Treasury bonds are some of the safest investments one can make. They’re backed by the federal government, and they are practically guaranteed not to lose value. But when inflation rises, they

Are ETFs Right for You? ››

Are ETFs Right for YouThe ETF, or exchange traded fund, is a fairly new type of investment product. It holds stocks, bonds, commodities or other types of assets and sometimes tracks an index like the S&P 500. It is similar in structure to a mutual fund,

Tweak Your Portfolio in Case of Inflation ››

Tweak Your Portfolio in Case of InflationOne of the golden rules of investing is to stay ahead of inflation. Most investments are designed to offer returns that will not be eradicated by the average amount of inflation. But there are times when inflation is anything but average. When

5 Investing Rules of Thumb to Live By ››

5 Investing Rules of Thumb to Live ByIf you’re reading this, it’s a safe bet that you know the importance of investing a portion of your earnings. Everyone should be putting money away for emergencies and retirement. But while most people realize that, relatively few understand how to do

What Are ETFs? ››

What are ETFsWhat Are ETFs? If you’ve spent any time over the past few years researching investment options you may have heard about ETFs. ETF stands for Exchange Traded Fund. They’ve gained enormous popularity and have become quite trendy. As with any trend, it’s important

Measuring the Risk of Investment ››

Measuring the Risk of InvestmentAll investments come with some amount of risk. No investment is safe from potentially losses. For years, real estate was considered the only investment that would never go down, but even real estate has taken a hit over the last several years.

Dollar Cost Averaging ››

The technique of using dollar cost averaging for investing means that consumers make regular investments (most often monthly) into an investment portfolio. It works as an alternative to investing large lump sums. This allows the cost of investments to be lower, in